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About Us

At WX Technology Group, we believe there’s a better way to be a technology partner.  A more valuable, genuine way that sees customers as people instead of titles, and treats initiatives—not just as ends in themselves—but as opportunities for those people to be successful. By taking an unbiased view of available options, and by practicing full transparency and impartiality in our analysis and advice, we give business leaders the power to make informed decisions and the support to implement them successfully. Our mission is to be a trusted partner in that success.

Our Mission

With a business that's 100%

referral based, our customers'

success is what we're all about

WX Technology Group is a Technology Advisory and Consulting firm with deep experience in delivering end-to-end solutions, cost savings initiatives, and cloud migrations. Thanks to an extensive partner ecosystem and team of industry experts, our clients benefit from real-time market and vendor insights, critical information, and unbiased recommendations across a broad array of technologies. By serving as an extension of their team, we empower business leaders to make informed decisions, immediately capitalize on emerging technologies, and spend more time engaging in strategic business initiatives and less on vetting and procuring technology services.

Our Core Values


Even a large company can be a small fish in the pond of global service providers. Our book of business is pooled across a broad customer base, making our spend with those providers significantly higher—and we’re not afraid to throw our weight around. If a service provider fails to meet expectations, we’ll be there to hold their feet to the fire, demanding accountability on your behalf.

Knowledge Share

Technology is rapidly changing, and IT staff can’t possibly vet every new product or vendor in the market. That’s our job. We’re committed to staying up to date on emerging technologies and market insights. 

As a trusted source of information, we empower our customers with the knowledge and confidence they need to frame meaningful questions, choose the right solutions, and bring their projects across the finish line. 


We understand vendors make big promises, but we’ll flush out the truth. Our customers get information service providers would never share—including what's actually working and, more important, what’s not. That transparency applies to our own expertise and skill set, as well—if something’s not in our wheelhouse, we’ll let you know. We succeed only when you succeed.


By being 100% transparent about everything—the good, the bad, and the ugly—we enable you to accurately prepare your environment, set realistic expectations, and avoid surprises in the process. 


We know our customers get hounded by sales reps claiming to be the best at…well, everything. It doesn't take much to see they have their own margins in mind. We're committed to breaking this cycle by embracing a true carrier-agnostic approach. 


Our number one priority is our customers’ success. To that end, we’ve cultivated an extensive ecosystem of technologies, allowing us to make unbiased recommendations for the solutions we know will work. We're committed to giving customers access to the right providers—not just the ones constantly knocking at their door.

Our Core Values

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About Us

Alright, we admit it. We're the tech-geeky type.

What can we say...

We love this stuff.

Alright, we admit it.

We're the tech-geeky type.

What can we say...

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