Our Savings Roadmap shows HOW and WHEN your savings will be realized.

Our Savings Roadmap is a clear, graphic timeline of your initiative, with your monthly spend broken down by service and provider. It shows the savings that will occur at each step of the transition, as existing services phase out and replacements phase in. Whether it's time for a rate refresh or a multi-year transformation strategy, our proven cost and service analysis will result in a custom Savings Roadmap to get you there.

Saving on telecom costs goes beyond rates and contract negotiations.

A typical Telecom Expense Management firm (TEM) focuses only on service rates. We look at cost through an industry lens, across a wide range of technologies, to spot ways to optimize the services themselves. Our cost analysis balances technology alternatives with the economies of consolidation to maximize your savings.

Goals Session

Proper planning is everything. To start with, you’ll sit down with our industry experts to identify key drivers for your savings initiative, review your current state, project appetite, and any risks that may impact the overall strategy.

Service Audit

Next, we audit your telecommunication invoices, contracts and current topology. We flag any inaccuracies, inflated rates, or unused services that could be affecting your cost, and give you a complete picture of your savings opportunities. 

Technology Advice

We identify ways to cut costs by consolidating and replacing expensive services with better quality, lower cost solutions. We outline the benefits of each and carefully plan the execution to avoid services outages and unnecessary overlaps. 

Budget Overview

Budgets are important. We take into consideration any constraints and arrive at a complete, at-a-glance budget overview. You’ll have a month-by-month projection of your spend as you transition to a more cost-effective solution, and you'll be able to see exactly how the savings will accrue over time.

Project Strategy

We create a Savings Roadmap that considers short-term initiatives as well as long-term technology goals. You'll receive a concrete project roadmap customized to your business and outlining the steps to get there. 

Project Oversight

We work with you every step of the way, providing project oversight, vendor management, and support to ensure the Savings Roadmap is successfully implemented and your savings are realized.

What's Included

What's Included


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Cost Savings Initiatives

Ready to save? We know all the angles.

Our one-month cost study is free to you, with no pressure to implement the changes.

Need to reduce costs fast? Our Savings Snapshot will find savings that can be realized immediately, at no cost to you.