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Solution &

Vendor Research

Next, we do the leg work. We identify the right vendors and field the bids. You’ll avoid any sales pressure and be free to make educated, thoughtful technology choices. 

Needs Assessment

& Data Gathering

To start, we bring our experts to the table to help understand your project goals, budget, timeline, current environment, and tech needs. From this, we help design the solution.



We provide complete project oversight to ensure the implementation stays on course. By holding vendors’ feet to the fire, issues get resolved faster and accountability becomes the priority.


Day-to-Day Support

Once the service is up and running, we stay with you through the life of the contract. Our team can assist with trouble tickets, bill disputes, MACDs, service changes, and any other support needs.

Contract Negotiations

& Execution

Our carrier book of business is pooled across our customer base and we're not afraid to throw weight around. This means greater negotiating power, lower rates, and favorable terms.

Proposals &

Vendor Selection

We collect all the solution proposals and review for accuracy, gaps, and hidden costs. We make it easy for you to accurately budget and compare options without wasting time. 

Our Process

UCaaS and Hosted Voice

SBCaaS and Teams

CPaaS Omnichannel

Microsoft Teams

Direct Routing

Cloud SIP

Voice &  Collaboration

Contact Center

Data Center & Cloud Services

Network & Connectivity




Public & Private Cloud

Managed Recovery

Backup &  Storage

CCaaS and Hosted CC

CC CTI and Engagement

AI and Analytics

Omnichannel IVR

Omnichannel for premise CC


Dark Fiber and DIA

Ethernet WAN & MPLS

Private Line

VPN & SD-Perimeter

Endpoint Security

Intrusion Detection

Access Management

Vendors make big promises, but we flush out the truth, allowing you to set realistic expectations for your stakeholders. By turning over every rock and being 100% transparent, we help our customers minimize risks, surprises, and unplanned expenses. 

A Better Approach to Technology Fulfillment 

A Tech Advisory Firm

At WXTG, we take a holistic approach to technology consulting, fulfillment, and support. We see the whole picture of your needs and, from there, identify all the pieces of the solution and how they’ll fit together.

Our goal is to free you from the minutiae of solution sourcing and vendor management so you can concentrate on your business—on meeting company leadership’s expectations…on driving initiatives forward—knowing that the tedious task of vetting tech solutions is handled. 

With our industry experts on your side, you’ll be spared vendors’ sales pressure. We’ll sift out the hype and help you make educated, thoughtful technology choices.


And we won’t stop there. 

Drawing from our ecosystem of more than 300 service and solution providers, we navigate the technology landscape on your behalf. We find the best solution options, coordinate among the providers, and manage your projects to completion.

Solutions Overview

We do this all day, every day. We are the experts, so you don't have to be.

We work with the best-in-breed providers

Get a seamless unified communications experience in MS Teams without adding hardware or disrupting your on-premises environment.

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